Commercial Photo Gallery

Overnight flood at Assisted Living Center

SERVPRO of Edison is at the ready 24/7.  This assisted living center had a sprinkler head break in the middle of the night and SERVPRO responded immediately.  Our technicians know that a fast response is important when dealing with a commercial water damage, especially when it affects the living arrangements of our senior citizens.

Monitoring drying process at a dental office

When this dental office flooded, SERVPRO of Edison came to the rescue to dry and sanitize the affected rooms.  You can see one of our Water Remediation Technicians, Kevin, in this photo taking special care to monitor the drying process.

Healthcare facility flood

The water damage in this healthcare facility was caused by a construction crew working after hours on a renovation.  A water supply line broke sending water throughout 17 exam rooms and labs.  SERVPRO of Edison had a crew on site within the hour and worked late into the night to extract water.  The photo shows the special care our crews take to remove wet insulation that was trapped inside the walls.  Hospitals and doctors offices use a special type of flooring to prevent the spread of infection - so the floor and walls meet at a curve.  With this in mind, our crews cut 6 inches above the intersection to remove wet insulation and allow for easy repairs.

Retail store floods in the mall

A high end retail store in the mall all of a sudden found themselves in the middle of a flood.  The restaurant next door had an ice machine break, causing the water to flood into the adjacent units.  SERVPRO of Edison arrived quickly to extract the water and get them back in business!

Carpet Cleaning in Action

After cleaning the carpets at a local church, Isaiah was eager to use SERVPRO of Edison's "Extreme Extractor". This motorized extraction tool uses the technician's body weight to squeeze more water from the carpet.

Suit up!

No job is too large for SERVPRO of Edison. Our highly trained staff suited up to clean a waste water treatment facility that backed up 40’ deep in dirty water.